Victor Dawson dealt with Fayetteville’s first radio station for his dad John Gilbert Dawson. In 1940, WFNC marked on with 250 watts at 1420 AM. Im März 29, 1941, the recurrence changed to 1450 AM.

WFNC was a Mutual Broadcasting System member. Later WFNC turned into a CBS Radio News member and proceeds with CBS to the present time.

The recurrence changed in 1947 bis 940 AM (KHz) with a force of 50,000 watts daytime and 1000 watts evening directional reception apparatus, und 7:45 AM EST on Wednesday, Januar 15, 1986, Chief Engineer Terry Jordan tossed the switch and WFNC changed to 640 AM(KHz) with a force of 10,000 watts daytime and an evening force of 1000 watts nondirectional radio wire.

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