Im Januar ins Leben gerufen 2009 Radio Voyage Turkey’s first Ambient and New Age music is radio. Radio broadcasts in their area with the understanding and musical identity which aims to be the first and only 107.4 radio frequency broadcast in and around Istanbul.
In Musik, international interactions emerging new orientation, type, and trial consisting of examples where the “Radio Reise”, classical music works of modern, unusual, even experimental reviews and ethnic infrastructure built on the “Neues Zeitalter” to work often gives space. Daily life in every moment of the audience to accompany the intended publishing stream, Umgebungs-, Neues Zeitalter, Avant Classical, Pop, Klassisch, Gregorian Pop, Down Tempo, Weltmusik, Ethnic Jazz and Soundtrack as the common point “innovative and essayist” whose musical types together makes. “Radio Reise”, search and experimentation with new and emerging best examples of this type with the listeners also offers the possibility of making discoveries.
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Radio Voyage
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