Enormous, جديد, inventive, and provincially possessed and savagely free in a time of unsurprising, reactionary corporate radio: WYSL NEWS POWER 1040!

WYSL commends 26 years of accomplishment, with a long, considerable rundown of firsts: the first all-news form, first exhaustive association with a neighborhood TV news item, first with an extensive rundown of mythical national talk radio hosts, first business station to stream day in and day out on the overall web, first AM station to wrench up another high-power motion in Upstate New York in more than 50 سنوات, and on, unendingly!

WYSL began as a 500-watt daytime-just station on 1030 kHz in January 1987, offering ABC’s TalkRadio and enormous band music in morning commute basically serving Rochester’s southern rural areas and Livingston County. In October 1987 WYSL multiplied its energy to 1000 واط, still daytime-just on 1030, and in 1989, appeared the first all-news radio arrangement in Rochester, using then-new CNN Headline News, at the time the main 24-hour news item in national broadcasting.

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