WNPR offers news, data and amusement programming accessible to audience members on the FM dial, and web gushing and podcasting. WNPR has earned a notoriety for recompense winning reporting, having gotten eight Mark Twain Awards for Overall Station Excellence. An individual from National Public Radio (الإذاعة الوطنية العامة), American Public Media (APM), and Public Radio International (PRI), WNPR is one of the main news stations in general society radio framework. The WNPR news division starts inside and out news covers issues and occasions of significance to Connecticut –, مثلا, innovation and the earth – that as often as possible are telecast broadly on NPR. أيضا, WNPR news columnists are a significant vicinity at the State Capitol, taking audience members inside the internal workings of state politics.

WNPR Radio official website address is wnpr.org

WNPR Radio
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