SUNY Adirondack’s first radio station started as a bearer current radio station in the mid 1970’s. WACC (which remained for Adirondack Community College) couldn’t be heard outside of the grounds Student Center and worked just amid school hours – 8:00أنا ل 8:00رئيس الوزراء.
As understudy intrigued developed, the College connected to the FCC for a FM telecast permit. The FCC allowed a development license and ACC’s show radio station hit the wireless transmissions in the Glens Falls/Queensbury territory on January 17, 1977. WGFR (which remains for Glens Falls Radio) offered music – from jazz and traditional to Country and Rock, nearby news, games and open issues programming. The studios and transmitter were situated in the Student Center.

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WGFR 92.7 FM
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