The Tri-State’s number 1 Hit Music station, including Big K and Bri in the morning 6am-10am. أيضا, from American Idol, The Knack highlights Ryan Seacrest In The Afternoon from 3pm-7pm. The Knack alsoweekday evenings The Knack plays the Top 5 في 5 – ال 5 greatest new hit tunes of the day! The Knack plays the most recent hits from specialists Bruno Mars, كاتي بيري, كستنائي 5, Meghan Trainer, Train, أديل, Ed Sheeran and some more! بالإضافة إلى ذلك, The Knack has the departed tapes with tunes from some time ago! The Knack has live neighborhood news, مناخ, challenges, diversions and data, in addition to our well known Carmen Calls each morning and evening. Listen in as Carmen makes a trick approach clueless audience members!

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The Knack 107.1
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