Station number one in Ukraine for business people with an active lifestyle. It is purposeful and resolute people who do not share the case and the word know the value of time and above all put quality and timeliness of the information received. In their lives, they successfully combine all spheres: work, عائلة, leisure and hobbies.
Ether “راديو الأعمال” is music, which is perfect dynamic lifestyle. Constitute the basis of broadcast hits in recent years from the world’s most popular artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers, السيدة العذراء, Robbie Williams, كستنائي 5 , وردي, أديل.
Furthermore listeners “راديو الأعمال” available operational news in the world of politics, economics and finance, as well as information firsthand from leading members of the political and business elite. The main components of the business information on “راديو الأعمال” – reliability, accuracy and timeliness.
راديو الأعمال
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