89.0 frequency in the İzmir is a regional radio broadcaster based in Balcova. أسس في 1996, the radio channel, Demirdöğen Company are available on the Group. راديو 35, “Always the Best” slogan with the publication of Turkish Pop Music branch is constantly renewing itself a radio. Istanbul FM radio stations located in the same Group is the sister site. With full understanding of popular music for 20 سنوات, and Izmir corporate identity and the environment remains to be the most popular radio stations in the province. National-based radio measurement in order to be the first at the local level, thanks to the audience and hit music quality. Both streaming, both the quality of both programs is a talked about the name always managed to surprise with his great gift to the radio station listeners.

راديو 35 عنوان الموقع هو www.radyo35.com.tr

راديو 35
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