SWINDON 105.5 is a non-business radio administration in Swindon, by Swindon, for Swindon. Authorized by OFCOM as a Not For Profit group television association, with a particular Brief and subsidized by awards, الهدايا, corporate help, raising support occasions and backing in-kind.

We are the main provincially based station that is telecasting 24 ساعة في اليوم. We take no managing outside administration, not at all like all other radio administrations in the locale. The station dispatched in March 2008 with a starting five-year extendable permit and around 125 customary colleagues are routinely included.

SWINDON 105.5 عنوان الموقع الرسمي www.swindon1055.com

يرجى الانتظار ل 10-20 ثواني راديو وتحميل ...

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