Sunrise Radio is the United Kingdom’s first Independent Local Radio station to provide food particularly for the Asian group. Dr Avtar Lit is the administrator and Ceo of this media bunch which likewise works Kismat Radio, Buzz Asia, Punjabi Radio and in addition Sunrise Tv. Sunrise Radio at first show in west London on 1413 khz yet now shows on 1458 khz from the Brookmans Park Transmitter north of London. Sunrise Radio additionally shows to Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Edinburgh and Glasgow and is likewise accessible on Dab broadly. Sunrise Radio stopped Tv on Sky on 27 فبراير 2013, accompanied by Virgin Media on 1 مسيرة 2013.

برامج شعبية :

  • استماع سهل
  • The Harry Sood Show
  • Aap ki Pasand
  • Pyar Bhare Geet
  • The Shama Sood Show
  • The Breakfast Show
  • Family Favourites
  • The Ruby Raza Show
  • Good Afternoon
  • The Bollywood Top 20

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