Radio Intereconomia is a Spanish radio network that broadcasts a thematic programming, specializing in financial information. Started broadcasting in 1994 and is part of Intereconomía Corporation. Driven by businessman Jesus Gasulla, Radio Intereconomia started broadcasting in Madrid on October 7, 1994, using the Vinyl Radio FM, a station owned by Radio Intercontinental. In early 1995, following an agreement between Gasulla and Antonio Asensio, 2, Radio Intereconomia was acquired by Monte Canaveral SL publisher of the economic literature Gazette Business and Money. في 1997, with the arrival of Julius Ariza Irigoyen, began a period of growth, as a string with frequencies extending throughout Spain. علاوة على ذلك, the acquisition of other means, as the agency Fax Press or Time magazine, giving rise to the creation of the Radio Intereconomia.

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