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Lincs FM is a independent local radio station serving Lincolnshire and Newark, from the Humber to The Wash at UK . It is broadcasting on 96.7, 97.6 and 102.2FM and as well as live online. The station plays a variety of classic hits from the 70s through to the 00s, including current Top 40 موسيقى, المعاصرة. The station provides live radio 24/7 with music and online programs through an automation system where the presenter’s links between the records are all pre-recorded . Lincs FM slogan is “The Difference Is… The Music” following a rebrand in early 2013.

برامج شعبية:

  • Andy Fenton
  • Andy Marsh
  • Alan Green
  • Christian O’Grady
  • Sam Kirk
  • John Marshall
  • Rob Hammond

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Lincs FM
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