107.6 Juice Fm is a British Independent Local Radio, set up in 1998 in Liverpool after the end of elective music station 107.6 Crash Fm and its consequent buy by Forever Broadcasting. It started with an arrangement extensively in keeping with that of Crash, however with a more terrific measure of standard popular and move music. The station is currently claimed by Utv Radio. Juice FM was procured by Forever Broadcasting in late 1999 and relaunched as Juice FM 107.6 في 26 مسيرة 2000. By September of that year, Rajar had expanded essentially.

برامج شعبية :

  • Power House
  • House Sessions
  • Friday Night
  • Thomas Tuft
  • Non Stop Juice
  • Saturday Breakfast
  • Home Run
  • Essential 10
  • Saturday Mix

الموقع الرسمي : www.juicefm.com

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