RADIO STUDIO ONE broadcasts on 89.9 ميغاهرتز و 103.6 ميغاهيرتز FM.
It ‘a sparkling and dynamic radio and caters to a diverse audience of young people and adults who like to be updated on the music hits and listen to some great success of the past.

أسس في 1989, ستوديو راديو واحد, is among the first local stations in southern Sardinia for coverage and customer base, and among the first in the entire region.

The schedule of Radio Studio One is made of music, المعلومات والترفيه. Transmits 12 editions of radio daily newspaper and various headings such as information Film Coming Soon, the Horoscope Blackbeard, the One on One 40 Chart and Megamix, 8 DJ’s that weekend alternate in danceroom for the space devoted to best dance music.

Radio Studio One Italy official website address is

راديو إيطاليا استوديو واحد
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