In the wake of RadioVivaFm, “the radio on the move” في 2000, thanks to the collaboration of profiqua a pool of people (Mark Vivenzi, Marco Massolini Paolo Simonetti and Gigi Benetton) was born Sempreviva, a radio dedicated to a target listening between 25 و 55 سنوات, that is for adults fond of the great Italian and international hits that have made the history of music in the 70s, 80الصورة, 90الصورة, و 2000.

For this immortelle presents a format only great music, 24 hours a 24 with the most famous radio-hits-called “evergreen”, interrupted every fifteen minutes from one of the hits of the moment called “Hit Today”.

As for the information of immortelle, every hour on the half hour are broadcast the news of the “Info 30”, from morning until evening at 8.30 إلى 21.30.

The soft night of immortelle is called “BluNotte”: من 22:00 إلى 02:00 only to stop or slow songs with a rhythm that makes them elegant.

The birth of immortelle represented and still represents for radiovivafm the opportunity to offer a pleasant alternative even to an audience more attentive to information (national and local) and more interested in artists who over the years have been able to leave an impression with their music. طبعا, all this taking the listener also updated on new music Italian and international.

Radio SempreViva official website address is

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