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Alhamdulillah in 2010, MQFM was ranked 6th Radio Broadcast in Bandung according to Markplus Insight survey results. لذا, to sharpen the content of the broadcast, منذ 2010 MQ FM brings the tagline as radio Inspiration and Motivation. Refinement and innovation continue to be done in order to answer the needs of friends MQ, so that in 2012 MQFM Bandung carrying a new tagline that is, Inspirasi Keluarga Indonesia. This tagline is taken solely to confirm where the position of MQ FM radio in radio settings in Indonesia. The family as the axis of the formation of a state, becomes essential for more attention. If the basic family is strong, then the country will be strong. لذا, we present programs that will inspire the listener in building the family. We take Islam as the source of all sources of inspiration and motivation.

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