معلومات المحطات نقل
Malacatan Estereo is an internet based online radio broadcasting from San Juan, غواتيمالا. All programs are exclusively digital with technology markedly having a profile with different musical genres, ballad, ballad pop in English and Spanish, of memories and current, duranguense, banda, reggaeton, هيب هوب, marimba, marimba orchestra and instrumental. It also provides capsules Local news and live broadcasts of any event. Its mission is to inform, educate, entertain and promote the social, ثقافي, رياضات, religious values ​​and providing a diverse and innovative programming through a dynamic and participatory radio aimed at contributing to the formation of a collective consciousness and well-being of the listeners. Malacatan Estereo official website address is

بلد: غواتيمالا

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