Radio Northwest is a modern urban radio program that broadcasts 24 hours a day on the frequency 95.2 FM , and signal covers much of the county and the Varazdin County and part of the Medjimurje County Koprivnica-križevačka. Through cable connection Northwest radio is listened to throughout the northwest of the country:
Varazdin 89.6 ميغاهيرتز – Magic Telecom
Čakovec 97.6 ميغاهيرتز – SDC
Ivanec 105.6 ميغاهيرتز – Cable television IvanecWith its modern conception, and plenty of good music and good quality news program stands out from other radio stations in the County of Varazdin. Programme scheme based on high-quality music and news program, and specialized music programs. ‘re on the air of Radio Northwest published a lot of useful information, from schedule cinema and theater productions across various curiosities, to information and information on social, تسلية, sports and other events. Radio is equipped with latest technology, with particular attention because of digital editing, thanks to which the production of news, jingles and commercials at the highest level . Utility bills are equipped exclusively broadcast equipment, and superior sound quality provides one of the best digital sound processor “Orban Optimod FM 8400.”
Radio Sjeverozapad official website address is
راديو Sjeverozapad
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