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For the first time on the air, we can hear from 09.09.2006. في 6 am in the morning from our studio in Sinj. We broadcast on two frequencies – 104.9 ميغاهرتز و 92.2 ميغاهيرتز. We will soon be available in the third frequency – 90.4 ميغاهيرتز.

Independent We impartial. Hit Radio hr basic professional principles are – objectivity, سرعة, excitement and freedom of expression. As local media most speech content focus is on local topics. The musical expression of the emphasis on popular domestic production.

Signal covers a large part of the Dalmatian hinterland and the area of ​​Split. The highest listenership recorded in Sinj and the Cetina region. We have the most popular local radio station in Dalmatia and one of the most listened to local radio stations in Croatia.

HIT RADIO – voice of Sinj and Cetina region!

Hit Radio Sinj official website address is

Hit Radio Sinj
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