Tropicana Estereo is a popular hit radio channel based in Bogota, Colombia. Tropicana Estereo plays various types of music genres like latin, tropical, pop etc genres of music and very conscious about listeners demand and choice. الحصول على جمهور ردود فعل طيبة هذه القناة الإذاعية يتطور باستمرار التشغيل. This radio station uses spanish language officially. Tropicana Estereo is also operates various informative programs that includes listeners participation. بواسطة 2010 the station changed format tropical music stations outside of Bogota, focusing on a proposed reggaeton and urban genre. لكن, the Bogota station retained the original format. Tropicana programming, لكن, maintain a local morning show, which airs at each station frequency, called Tropishow, with content for popular audiences, jokes, humor, weird news, و اكثر.
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Tropicana Estereo
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