CJWL is a Canadian radio station that telecasts a joined pop gauges/instrumental simple listening arrangement at 98.5 FM in Ottawa. It was dispatched on February 20, 2006 and is possessed by Evanov Radio Group.

CJWL has a comparable configuration to that organization’s CKDX in the Toronto territory and CKHK in Hawkesbury and is marked as “الجوهرة 98.5 يذكر FM”. The station was authorized by the Canadian Radio-TV and Telecommunications Commission (كرتك) في 2005.

The Jewel’s configuration is enduring…”العالم فئة الموسيقى” and the station’s play rundown incorporates fabulous vocalists Frank Sinatra, عميد مارتن, نات كينغ كول, والمتخصصين المعاصر بما في ذلك نيل دايموند, رود ستيوارت, ديانا كرال, نورا جونز, مايكل ببليه, مات الغسق, سوزي Vinnick, مولي جونسون, إلتون جون, and in addition some of Canada’s finest instrumentalists -Richard Abel and Andre Gagnon.

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جوهرة 98.5
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