East Coast Kitchen Party is a free media association providing details regarding Atlantic Canada’s crafts, diversion and way of life news. East Coast Kitchen Party propelled our primary web gateway amid the East Coast Music Awards in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in April 2011.

في سبتمبر 2012, the East Coast Kitchen Party Facebook Fan Page accomplished another high in “Aggregate Market Reach” من 28,784 individuals in ONE WEEK. Since January 2012 our Twitter sustains have become by 300 new individuals every month and now surpass 5,000 supporters. East Coast Kitchen Party achieve thousands consistently on this site and our YouTube channel.

East Coast Kitchen Party official website address is www.eastcoastkitchenparty.net

حزب مطبخ الساحل الشرقي
يرجى الانتظار ل 10-20 ثواني راديو وتحميل ...

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[ Canada : حزب مطبخ الساحل الشرقي ]