No other radio in the region that invests in innovation both for listeners and results for advertisers.
على موجة FM 94.9 is the first in everything, first in audience, first in technology, first in daring. Tune to 94.9 FM is to navigate tasty on the airwaves, listening to a differentiated programming that appeals and delights listeners with music, المعلومات والترفيه.
The South Wave is also record in winning awards and put on the shelf, nothing more, nothing less than the Oscars of the Amazon, the personalities of Evidence, the Amazon Portal Excellence Award and the Research Institute Award angle.
ال 94.9 FM has 02 sites, with thousands of daily hits, one for listening to radio online, photos, musical requests and participate in the promotion and other news site with daily information leading link directly in live journalism station, as well as a printed magazine, the South Wave Magazine and a printed newspaper, the South Wave newspaper to form the renowned Group South Onda Communication.

على موجة FM 94.9 عنوان الموقع الرسمي

على موجة FM 94.9
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