Radio Utopia is a local radio station for young and old and is made ​​by young and older employees . A fixed format does not Radio Utopia. Dutch music, German pop music, موسيقى شعبية, contemporary pop, pop of the last decades, صخرة, disco and house are just some genres that resound in every hundred seven point nine.At Radio Utopia are basically all radio programs. You can even choose what music your program will support with us. فرقعة, صخرة, ديسكو, رقص, منزل, تكنو, موسيقى الجاز, Bebop, cabaret, موسيقى البوب, نوع من السلطة, sing-alongs and non-sing-alongs, … choose it all yourself. There is always an audience who will be pleased to hear that once kept the other broadcasters. Slightly (back) The only thing we ask is that you actively assists in the activities that our radio station organizes annually. We therefore ask that you annually only 3 أو 4 أيام, which helps to bring. Activities to a successful conclusion This is already done 22 years and today is still a utopia Radio broadcasting with a healthy state. This is something that all employees are genuinely proud of. راديو يوتوبيا 107.9 عنوان الموقع الرسمي
راديو يوتوبيا 107.9
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